Problem With Pioneer 4270XD & Sky HD Box - Please Help!!!




I'm posting this problem in the hope that someone else out there has experienced the same problem as me and can give me a solution to it?

I purchased my Sky HD box around February this year and have had no problems with it at all, up until 2 weeks a go that is!
I was watching something on Sky when all of a sudden the screen went black as if the box had gone on to standby, I also lost all sound. It hadn't gone on standby as the green light on the box was still on? The only way to get the picture back was to stick it on standby and then switch it back on again?
I spoke to Sky and they suggested it could be the HD cable so I swapped that over but the problem was still there, they then agreed to swap it for a new box. I had that replaced yesterday afternoon and just when I thought all was well it went off again this morning? Anyway, I phoned my local Sky man and he's agreed to swap it out for yet another new box but my feelings are that it's now a TV issue rather than a Sky HD issue, what's your feelings? Anyone out there had similar problems?

Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:



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I have the same TV as you, and when it was connected to Sky HD, there were no problems like yours.
Is it ok on all other inputs?


No it doesn't appear to do it on any other inputs, just the Sky one which led me to think it was the Sky box itself?

I can't believe I'm the only one who's experienced this problem, can anyone else help, please??? :lease:


Yeah doesn't appear to do it on other inputs?

I've also only got the one HDMI connection!? :(

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