Problem with Pio VSX811S - No sound, display says "DSP NG" ???


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Just switched on my Pioneer VSX811S and there is no sound from any source, and each time I switch sources the display flashes "DSP NG". I've had a quick flick through the manual, especially the troubleshooting bit but I can't fathom out what's wrong. It has done this once before but I was out and my GF phoned me to question. I told her to switch it off for 5 minutes using the main power button (not standby) and retry and that worked, but this time it's only just been turned on !! Anyone any ideas, or is it heading for the wheelie-bin :( :confused:

:lease: :lease: :lease:


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Straight away it sounds like the DSP has gone duff mate.
Pretty obvious, I know.
Looks bleak, although it may be something simple.
If no-one comes back, consider giving your dealer a ring, it may not cost as much as you think.
You could always resort to dropping it on the floor from a couple of inches, before you sling it, you never know.

Not very helpful really, I guess, more a sympathy vote mate :(

Try running it via pure direct or whatever it's called, which cuts everything out, with an analogue input.
If you get sound then, it will confirm the cause.


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Well the trick I mentioned worked. Switched it off fully with the main power switch, left it for 10 minutes and then booted it back up and all seems fine. It does suggest that maybe there's something on the way out though, just hope it can last a bit longer as I haven't got any spare cash right now.

Thanks for the advise Badger. Ultimately, I may have to drop it whilst moving it during redecorating ;) But that trick is reserved for a new Mac at the moment :rotfl: New for old policy with accidental damage cover :thumbsup:


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Ahhh no, that's not what I was hinting at mate.

I was suggesting that it may be a dry joint or bad connection, that's all.

The old "bang it with your fist" is not as daft as it seems, believe it or not :)

Glad you've sorted it though, but it does suggest you should start looking around for something more modern.

I said that as though I was talking about something 30 years old.

Sorry :(


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Had it about 3 years, but that's nothing. My main stereo amp is 18 years old, and still holds its own against new stuff. I don't replace through desire, only necessity.

I had a Pro-Logic (Enhanced) Yamaha before this and much preferred it on music, but the 7.1 on the Pio is awesome on DTS movies. Might look at a 7.1 Yam if they do one for sensible money.

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