Problem with Philips FWD570

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    I bought this Mini Hi-Fi home theatre system an year back. Just 8 months back, my player stopped giving sound output for Tuner, Tape and Aux except for audio CD in disc moded. I got that resolved after the service agent came and replaced few chips in the circuit. Now I landed up in another problem. Since yesterday my player does not work in Disc mode (tuner/tape/aux modes work fine). When I power on my system in disc mode, it starts with Disc reading (there are no discs in the tray) and after sometime it opens the tray and closes back with the display reading "RESET". The system then hangs and none of the buttons or modes (tuner/tape/aux) work. After sometime the system shuts down. The only way is to switch off and on to restart the system. When switching on, if I press other modes, it works perfectly fine. By default it goes to Disc mode and then system just hangs.
    Can anybody help me on this? :lease:

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