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    I recently acquired a 6yr old Philips 46pp912a RP TV. It was used in a pub from new. Not continuously, footie, etc.
    It was going to be scrapped because "the screens needed to be replaced". The owner has since purchased a new one.
    When I brought it home & tested it, it worked, but the picture was very dim & the convergence was way out.
    Being an engineer, of sorts(domestic appliances for a German company), I decided to "fix it".
    I removed the screens(yellow with nicotine & smoke, as you can imagine, given it's home for 6 years), & 3 lenses.
    I thouroghly cleaned the screens, lenses & mirror & reassembled.
    The convergence I tackled with the help of the THX calibration feature on T2 Ultimate Edition (region 1).
    I am very happy with the results, & would say that the picture is now 85%-90% perfect, but am hoping for better.
    There is one new problem since I cleaned it. When a bright scene/picture changes to a darker one, the previous image is still visible. For example, when changing channels on Sky Digital, during the slight delay, when the blue screen is up, I can see the outline of the last image. When watching moving images, snooker being the best example, the moving red ball has a fading tail against the green background. It's kinda like Haley's comet.
    Anyone any ideas as to what is wrong. Is there some special cleaner needed to not leave any residue on the lenses/screens? Any web-sites which might help?
    Also, is there available on-line, or indeed anywhere, the necessary information to facilitate the correct convergence set up?
    Are there any hidden menus on this model?
    I've tried several search engines, but am yet to find any relevent information.
    Philips pretty much told me to get stuffed when I contacted them, advising me to consult one of there engineers/ service centres.
    As I got it basically for free, & considering it's age, I don't want to spend much on it, but would happily spend my own time tweaking it.
    If you've just finished reading this, fair play for your patience.
    If anyone can help I'd be more than appreciative.

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