Problem with pc and HDTV


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I have purchased a hyundai a321 and have hooked my pc up to it via the vga input on the back

I have installed latest graphics drivers.

The pc shows an output of 1360 x 768

the tv is only showing 1280 x 768 and i have no idea how to make it change :(

anybody know how to correct this its really bugging me now


I know nothing about that TV but are you certain it accepts that resolution over VGA? My Tosh doesn't. Not all TVs will accept the native res on VGA from a PC, your manual should state the highest available and you should be able to run your PC in that res and have it work ok. (though your 1:1 pixel mapping goes to hell but it's not the end of the world unless you were hoping to use your PC as a HD player or something).



YEa its kinda like what Sharpfish said, not every screen can do 1:1 mapping, well at least mine cant :(

So my solution is , I'm using HDMI connection instead . Result is a noticeable richer color and shaper picture.

Software solution, you may try Powerstrip. But I couldnt find luck with it :( but who knows you may lucky :D


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Some of these screens have a fault with the EDID, basically the screen's electronics are making it think it's an L17T (which is a PC monitor made by Hyundai).

Depending on your graphics card you can check the EDID name, and if you have that fault that is why you can't get 1:1 (and the display showing 1360x768).

I have had to send more than one screen back because of this fault.


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I have just spent a lot of time reading through the thread on this monitor and there is a fix in there using powerstrip

This seems to have fixed it

I have set it to 1368 x 768 and have had to adjust the screen a lot so that it displays properly i am missing a little bit down each side but that isnt an issue.

I did have to manually adjust the size of the picture though i made a text file made up entirely of the letter G and using that i got it displaying ok.

after all that though it says it is in 1360 x 768 not sure if this should say something else but it seem sto be displaying the picture ok.

Out of interest what difference does 1:1 pixel mapping make when watching a film in HD ?


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No3ntry said:
I have set it to 1368 x 768 and have had to adjust the screen a lot so that it displays properly i am missing a little bit down each side but that isnt an issue.
Sounds like there is still some scaling going on.

Have you checked out the links in the FAQ ( and

The later one will immediately tell you if you have 1:1 mapping. Just stick it on your PC monitor and you will see what it should look like.

Interestingly my TV (Sony 32V2000) does do 1:1 mapping and I had the desktop set as 1360x768 but the there was all sorts of wavyness on the second link. I dug around and there is a setting to turn of the EDID info which was forcing the output to be something else anyway which was then being scaled by TV. Turning this off gave noticeably better PQ for things like web browser etc.

For HD video I am not sure. DVDs are only at PAL (546i?) anyway so they are always scaled and again I would presume the same would still apply to 720p. With 1080i I really have no idea whether this would effect it or not


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Thanks for that

that test pattern confirms that i have set the tv up correctly

my own test pattern was made up of a full screen of *g*s in notepad same principal only with a little less finess.

I am reasonably happy now all i need to do is get rid of these two stuck red pixels in the middle of the screen.

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