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Mar 22, 2005
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i have a panny DMRE95 which is about six months old. When i tried to use it today it wouldn't switch on and the only time it comes to life is when i press the direct navigator. if i return out of the navigator then the machine switches itself off. I have the panny hooked up to my satellite receiver and if i switch the sat receiver on then the panny automatically starts to record and wont stop despite my most frantic button pushes.
anybody heard of this problem with this model before
It sounds like a problem with your power switch (sorry to state the obvious)
The reason you are getting some sort of functions when operating other switches is not surprising. If I press nav or rec it will turn my machine on (E500).
Fully wired scarts will receive info from other equipment down down the 8 pin. I personally find these a problem and disconect all my 8 pins.
I have lots of stuff controlled by a Quintro scart controller, but found that if I wanted to turn on the my sat receiver it would auto switch that to the TV. Also I don't like the auto screen size switching as it can jump from one setting to another.
Disabling the 8 pin gives you full manual control. Obviously this function is there because a lot of people find auto switching very useful.
I would certainly get your 95 back to the dealer to rectify the on/off problem.
illustrator said:
You haven't pressed "EXT LINK" on the remote have you?
could have sworn I checked this earlier but......
Thanks :suicide:

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