Problem with Oppo 971


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I have not long taken delivery of the Oppo 971 upscaling dvd player.

I connected it to an LCD computer monitor and found that it would only take NTSC ( monitor that is ) - no real problem there, however it takes ages to 'LOAD' any discs I insert, and I mean several minutes.

Sometimes this will make the player 'STOP' or give the error message 'UN DISC', occasionally it will stick at the 'TITLE' message, the running time of the DVD even if it does try and play doesn't progress smoothly, it jumps a few seconds at a time.

I originally thought it might have been the discs, but I have tried all genuine Region 2, Region 1 and Region 5 discs and all have the same problem. My initial thoughts were that it was due to some signal fed back down the DVI cable from the monitor to the player that forced the disc not to play if no signal was found at the monitor.

This was wrong as I was able to play discs via the S-VHS and Composite connections.

This was 2 weeks ago, in waiting for my projector to arrive I decided to take the player back into work last night and try again, this time I couldn't get any discs to work at all !!!

I did notice that in the SETUP that the player was already multi-region? I thought you had to do this via the handset? My suspicion is that this is a returned ( possibly faulty ) machine that I have been sent without any faults being fixed, there are a few marks on the top of the player that suggests it has been used and another item has been stacked on top.

I will be contacting the seller about it and don't envisage any return problems, I was really just curious to see if I am correct in suggesting the machine is effectively dead or if I am doing something wrong when trying to load a disc and output the video signal.

I am no AV novice so I am sure it's goosed, any ideas??



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Sounds like there is something wrong with the player me thinks, if it's having problems with all discsm as far as multi-region goes the player can come already multi-regioned out of the box, but as you've mentioned it has marks on it as if other devices have been stacked on it, so seller may be tryin to pull a fast one and passing it off as new, so your best bet is to get a refund/replacement


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The Oppo's not the zippiest at loading discs but it shouldn't be that slow. Send it back...PJ


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thanks for the help guys, it's going back, now I have to decide if I take a refund or another machine.

Decisions decisions........... it's a pain really as I wanted to see the upscaled picture through the AE700 PJ that is arriving tomorrow and see if it was any better than prog scan component from my Panny DVD recorder or Tosh 330E.


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