Problem with older Vizio D48


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My Sony Blu-ray suddenly stopped giving me a picture on my TV. I use the TV mainly as a monitor for my video games (PC). PC worked fine, I moved the HDMI cable to each of the remaining inputs including the one for the Blu-ray. Everything seemed fine. Ordered a new Bluray player (same make and model). No joy.
I went through all the recommended steps online with no joy. The PC still works great on all 3 HDMI inputs.

I hooked everything up to a second TV and everything works. Both Bluray players, cables, and remotes, all work flawlessly.
Plugged a player back into the Visio and I noticed that as I turned the player off, I would get a screen for a split second.
Is this the logic board? And why would the PC graphics card HDMI work when the Blu-ray would not?

Thanks in advance, TVs were a lot simpler 50 yrs ago when I started.



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Check the Blu-ray video output resolution settings (on a TV that it works on), it may be too high for your old TV.


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It worked flawlessly for 2-3 years and just quit. What drives me crazy is that it will give me the Sony Blu-ray logo when it starts up and then nothing. By older, I mean about 6 yrs old.

Yes, I will try that.


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This did not work. But let me explain this in a little more detail.

The second TV I am testing everything on is a 12-13 yr old Insignia.
Both of the Sony BDP-S1700s work flawlessly on this older TV. I have lowered the resolution down to 480 with testing on each step down with no joy on the Vizio TV.
All the cables tested good on the Insignia, and, I tested the cables again on a third set up in the house with no problems.

I have tried EVERY piece of advice that is on the internet from the manufacturers and 3rd party places.

My gaming computer continues to work with no problems on all HDMI inputs.

So some difference between the Graphic cards digital HDMI output and the Blu-ray player digital output has caused a problem.

Unless someone has another solution, a new logic board is $25.

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