Problem with old Carada Masquerade system


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Hi all - need a bit of help, please!

I have a Carada Masquerade system that I installed back in 2007/2008. It's the system for 16:9 screens that masks top and bottom to create varying degrees of scope.

The system has a setting for 16:9 (fully open) or 2.35 (masked approx 2/3). It also has a jog open and jog close feature on the remote to open or close the masking a small increment to create a custom masking

Last night I had to dismantle the system to replace the screen material. I'm fairly confident I put it back together OK, but now have a problem.

The 2:35 masking setting doesn't mask at 2.35 but goes to the full extent of the masking. And, the jog function to fine tune the masking does nothing at all.

My system comes with a calibration pad, that if a key sequence is pressed the motors recalibrate. If I plug in the pad and key the sequence, it goes through a calibration routine, but leaves me with the same issue.

I'm wondering if I accidentally pressed an incorrect key sequence on the calibration pad and messed something up.

Anyone got any ideas of what I can try to fix this? Unfortunately Carada aren't in business anymore


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