problem with new vcr with digibox



a mate of mine has a digibox and has just bought a cheap vcr to record normal tv when out.the problem is when i set everything up the video will not find any tv channels.not bothered bout recording digibox just want normal tv.when i tune the video it only finds 1 prog which is channel 35 which it says best to find in manual.dont really understand this as i only want 1,2,3,4 and 5.i might have set up wrong so if anyone has the best soution for setting up tv,video and digibox i would be very appreciative

thanks callum

look forward to hearing from anyone :lease:


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The vcr only has an analogue tuner and needs to be connected to an ordinary TV aerial to pick up the five analogue TV stations. You can record a freeview channel onto vcr by having this connected to the STB vcr outlet by scart lead. You must however select the programme to be recorded on the STB first. The Channel 35 that your vcr has found is probably the RF modulator channel.


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The STB needs to be connected by scart lead from its TV Scart out socket to AV1 of the TV to allow viewing of freeview.

The STB vcr Scart socket needs to be connected to the VCR AV2 scart socket to be able to record freeview channel on the vcr.

The AV1 socket on the vcr (probably marked TV) needs to be connected to the AV2 scart socket on the TV to allow viewing of recorded programmes.

You can connect the TV aerial co-ax to STB and loop through to vcr and then TV set or use a TV signal booster splitter with three outlets and connect separate co-ax leads to TV, STB, VCR.


Also be sure that when you use your scart channel your set-top box outputs a composite signle along with the RGB/S-video down the scart or otherwise set the box to composite as VHS and S-VHS VCRs lack RGB to (S)VHS circuitry and you'll just end up with a sync signal and a black screen with audio.


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Does this mean you can record a freeview channel onto vcr and also watch a different channel at the same time.?

However I am connected, I can record a freeview channel but I can't watch another one. When I change channels, I find that my recording has also changed channels. Bummer.



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How many Freeview tuners do you have?

Answer this question, and you can then answer the question, "how many Freeview channels can I receive (either for watching or recording or anything else) at the same time?"

I guess you have one.

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