Problem with new installation ?


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I had a new Amstrad box installed yesterday for my upgrade to Sky+ (as well as re-locating the original Panasonic box). I only got the chance to play about with it a bit late last night, but the recording I did on UK Gold had problems with the sound. Every so often the sound would go for a split second and then come back.
At the time this was recording I was going in and out of the service menus to change a few settings, do you think this may have affected the recording ? I will try a couple of recordings today to see if I still have the problem.


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I've just had a look at the signal strengths and neither of them are perfect. The 1st signal gives full (going back one segment now and again) on strength and 2/3rds on quality. The 2nd signal is about 1 segment off being full quality but mainly on full strength. Does this sound right ?


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Both inputs sound very good, equal or better than mine:)

There is no reason why using the menus and changing settings should affect the recording (well not the basic settings anyway). As SKY+ records the bitstream changes to video and audio settings only come into force on playback or during live viewings.
Perhaps the audio on UKgold was bad last night, worth trying all the audio outputs of the SKY+ just to see if it across the board or heaven forbid a problem with a singele output.


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I've only had the chance to do casual viewing so far, which is probably fir the best as I tend to get over-critical when I get something new !
What I have noticed though is that when watching football and the screen is mostly green, it shimmers. I've also noticed it this lunchtime when there was a big expanse of grey sky on the screen. I'm wondering if this is down to the television though, as I think it may be been happening on the old Sky system (but not completely sure)

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