Problem with new dvd recorder


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I just bought a Liteon DDA100X dvd recorder and have started to record on it. I don't have cable/freeview/satellite just the reg channels. On playback BBC2 and ITV are perfect but BBC1 and Channel4 have interference and sometimes lines through the picture. I have read the manual back to front but to be honest I couldn't find any help in it. I am using the right kind of discs to record to and just wondered if it's the dvdr itself that is crap and I am maybe not the only one to have problems.
Thanks so much for the help.:) :hiya:


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I've heard other people say that the LiteOn DVD recorders don't pick up a very good terrestrial BBC1. Is the reception poor just when recording, or when watching BBC1 through your DVDR as well? Have you tried fine-tuning?


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Broadz...yep when recording and when watching thr the dvd...I just finished watching the stuff I taped last night and along with the interference it also is jumpy and every now and again goes all pixellated?


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Your aerial connection should be direct from aerial to dvd recorder input co-axial socket then a lead from the co-axial out socket on dvd recorder to TV aerial input.

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