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problem with my new Sharp 28JF74H

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by culpepper, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. culpepper

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    Jun 7, 2003
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    As this is my first post i thought i'd start by saying hello to everybody here.

    Unfortunately my first post is by way of a complaint.

    2 Weeks ago today I took delivery of a new Sharp 28JF-74H widescreen tv. I bought it because my 15 year old 21inch Ferguson set has finally given up the ghost).

    It was an online special from Dixons and cost £399 with free delivery.

    Because of work commitments I never got round to buying the scart leads and setting it up until yesterday afternoon and had planned on a nice long weekend in front of my new tv.

    As well as the tv I have:-

    Toshiba SD220E DVD player
    NTL Cable tv box (Pace)
    Thorn VR204NVA video recorder - Almost as dated as my old tv but still working ok(ish).

    It's all joined together with 4 Prot-tech OFC gold plated scarts.

    At last i get to the problem.

    There is a patch in the bottom right hand corner of the screen which is bright pink.

    Before i contact Dixons about this i need to know if this is a problem with the set or something that I can sort out myself.

    If it is a problem do i have to accept a repair or can i ask for a refund or a different set.

    I hope someone can help because although it isn't too much of a problem when watching something with a dark screen, other than the fact that I know it's there, It is quite a problem with anything that has a light background.

  2. i like things

    i like things

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    im sure this is too late, but its a long time since ive been on here and i was searching for the answer to my own problem


    i had a "patch" appear on my 4/3 tv bought for about £400 6 years ago. i ignored it as it only seemed to affect faces in the area. most of the time you wouldnt notice it, but when watching the news or static shows and someone moved into the zone they went a different colour...

    when it was 4.5 years old the picture just turned into a rainbow and the tv died.

    i took it back to a sharp dealer who told me it was the chasis, nothing could be done as a new chasis was £400

    4.5 years is NOT ACCEPTABLE for a total failure, ie not repairable fault.

    a polite complaint to sharp resulted in a reply that basically said i should feel happy i had 4 years for my money.

    so the sharp went in the bin, and a £1000 philips went in its place.

    funny thing is i know the tube in the sharp was a philips, but this one has a 5 year tube waranty... i feel a bit happier.


    i post this as im sure you have sorted it, but if anyone else is "searching" then let them find this... SHARP SELL RUBBISH

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