Problem with my K850i - Can anyone help?



I got my K850i back in November and its been great, but over the past couple of days its been playing up:

1)When I send a text, it keeps saying "sending failed" after two or three tries it will eventually go

2)When people phone me, it goes straight to my voicemail, even though I have full signal. If the try again another couple of times it will come through.

3)I am not recieving texts that are sent to me. The only time I recieve them is when someone phones me, they all come through during the call!

Is this a problem with the phone or a problem with Orange? I'm gonna phone them later, but its a total nightmare trying to explain things to them, so if anyone knew what it might be so I can try and make them understand that'd be excellent :thumbsup:
Hey Paul

Sorry to br the bearer of bad news but i think that there is a Software problem on your handset.
The K850, W910 are plauged with them and tbh I am surprised you got as long out of it as you did.

A software upgrade is needed fairly sure u can do it yourself or take it into the orange shop to get it sent away


I can do that on my computer myself can't I using the Sony Ericsson Suite thing I got with the phone right?

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