Problem with MP3 playback on PC


Hi guys, hope someone can enlighten me on what's going on..

Not sure how this problem began but playing back MP3 files on my system, I now hear a sound that can be described as a sound you'd hear if you had downloaded a corrupt MP3 file, kind of like a skipping/chopped up sound at different points of the MP3. I've since discovered it does this only when something is being downloaded or uploaded. I'll have a song playing and I'll load a new webpage and it'll screw the MP3 up until the page has been loaded and it'll be fine again.

Anyone know why this is happening and what I can possibly do to fix this?

Many thanks


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Sounds like something is loading either the processor or the HDD on your system to the point that rendering both an MP3 and a webpage at the same time is overloading it.

When you are doing nothing, is the HDD access light on constantly? If you run Task Manager, are there any tasks that are taking up significant percentages of the processor? Have you tried running an antivirus / anti-spyware scanner?

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