Problem with mixer and audio interface


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I have a new setup at home but am having trouble getting sound out of the mixer and soundcard at the same time.

The setup is as follows:

Steinberg UR22 mk11 connected to a Soundcraft Spirit F1 mixer by XLR cables from the mixer into the input sockets in the sound card.

I have connected the phono cable from the monitor/speakers into the line output on the back of the UR22.

I also have connected a turntable, and Numark CD mixing deck by phono cables and a pre-amp for the turntable in the unbalanced stereo inputs.

Now the problem I have is that the monitor/speakers will only work with the PC and my other devices do not put any sound out.

I have tried connecting my speakers into the mixer but then I can't use the computer.

I have looked at the manual for the mixer but it does't give me any help.

As you can tell I am a total newbie at this so please be gentle and don't expect me to totally understand the terms you may want to answer me with ;-0


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Reading between the lines it sounds like you may be expecting it to act like an AV Receiver and pass anything on the inputs through to the outputs.

I'm not familiar with that sound card but that's generally not how they work. The inputs are for getting sound onto the computer so you can record it, stream it, analyse it or whatever else.

Computer applications may choose to send that sound through an output so it can be monitored, rebroadcast etc., but that's done on a program by program basis depending on what's needed.

Having said that, re-outputting the sound is a common enough desire that there are often options to do it. I'm not familiar with those audio drivers and you don't say which OS you're running so it's a bit difficult to suggest anything concrete though.

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