Problem with LCD projector TV - Please Help

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by the_turbo_geek, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Hey there all,
    I just became the lucky owner of a sony 50" KL-50W2U lcd projector television. Plugging it in and switching it on, I found out that it worked, but was a little dull in brightness and had a little green tint in the picture. Figuring this was an issue with the bulb, I looked online for one, but heard that the issue could be the cleanliness of the screen internally and externally. Taking off the side panels, I wiped it down with a cloth with some PC screen cleaning fluid (which said on the back it was suitable for LCD televisions).

    Now, the screen is completly ruined. Though the green tint seems to have gone, the screen now is horrifically blurred. On top of this, tiny purple dots have appeard all over the screen as if the tv's now suffering from chicken pox. Trying to use the process of elimination, I shone a torch onto the mirror as well as onto the screen, and the purple dots weren't there, so I think they must be on the bulb.

    So I guess my question is, what's going on with my LCD projector tv and how do I fix it? Do I need a new bulb? Does a repairman need to fix it? Have I damaged it so its now only fit for a scrap heap? I have next to no knowledge about these kind of TVs. Please help.
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    I seriously doubt it has anything to do with the bulb. If it's blurred then I think you have either contaminated or moved the LCD projector block, or have maladjusted the lens focus. Or dislodged the mirror. Or something similarly optical. I can't comment on the purple rash - unless you sprayed something into the set and contaminated the LCD block.
    (In case anyone is interested, this was the larger edition of Sony's first (I think) attempt at LCD rear projection).

    If whatever you've done doesn't evaporate for itself, this will, I suspect, not be a cost-effective repair. It could easily cost you more than it's worth to simply find a repair shop that knows anything about them! (I am serious!)

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