Problem with King Kong on 360 HD DVD drive


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Hey guys, I recently received a bunch of HD DVD's I ordered and ive been watching them all.
When I got round to King Kong i put it in the 360s drive and the drive/xbox wouldnt or couldnt read the disc! :confused:

Ive been able to watch all my other HD DVDs till now and this is the first time this has happened.

Ive heard that some movies on HD DVD have had problems with the 360's drive (children of men) but considering King Kong was released with the 360's drive when it cam out in the US, I doubt King Kong suffers similar problems.
Ive been looking around on the net but havent found any one with the same problem im having.

There are a cople of small scratches on the disc (already there when I opened it) so im wondering if thats the problem?

Ive already informed the online shop i ordered it from but I want to make sure before I send it back. Chances are its the disc with its scratches but these are so small i sort of doubt that they could be the problem.


Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with the King Kong HD DVD?


King Kong played fine on my add on, but recently got The Good Shepard and that won't play, waiting for the spring update hopefully that will solve the problem, it's the only disc that won't play so far.


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Ive been looking in the HD DVD hardware section and other people have been geting the same error message I got, but with The Good Shepard and a couple of other movies.

It doesnt look like King Kong is one of those, but the scratches on the disc could be the problem. Apparently the drive/xbox are very sensative to scratches and wont work properly.

I guess I need to try another copy of king kong to make sure!

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