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Sep 4, 2002
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Due to the demands of my girlfriend I have had to change all of the speakers (4 X KEF Q35's and Q95 centre) in my home cinema to to the more girlfriend friendly KEF eggs. However, since the change to the KEF eggs I have been experiencing problems with a cracking/popping noise thats similar to the popping noise you get when listening to a vinyl record. This doesn't happen very often but its still enough to annoy me.

Other than the speakers the only other change that has been made is amps speaker settings have been changed from large to small.

Does anybody have an idea what could be causing this



Does it happen with all the speakers or just one in particular??
It seems to be coming from all of them.

Does it do it for all sources or just one i.e DVD´s? What amp and dvd player are you using?
I don't know if it does it on other sources because the DVD player is the only source hooked up at the moment. I have thought about trying to use the 5.1 channel in rather than co-ax or optical though.

My DVD player is the Pioneer DV-747A
My Amp is the Pioneer VSX-808 (Soon to be the Pioneer VSA-AX10, if it ever arrives)

I've also tried various DVD's as I thought that a mark on the disk could cause this, but it never does it at the same spot twice.

Might be worth trying the analogue 5.1 just in case its a hiccup with the digital side of things. Other option to try, if poss, is a cd player or another source to try and nail down what the cause is.

Has the VSX 808 got a tuner on board?? If so, try that and see what happens.
I'll try the analogue 5.1 and tuner to see what happens.

Thanks for your help.

I'm gonna come in with a very hit or miss reply here, but how hard are you running the speakers? When you say popping and cracking, (plus the fact that you've gone from what are conevntional speakers to small sattelites), added to the fact their on the recieving end of a strong amp, my guess is that perhaps you're simply running the speakers too hard. This in turn causes an alarming crackling effect, rather like a firecracker going off. It's caused by too much gain and the drive units simply 'bottoming out' under the power.

I experienced this when testing my friends set with my old Denon 3802, and found that at high volume, the sats were getting a little out of hand.

They do go loud indeed, but there are times when the peak passages of a big action moment can give them some jip.

Pardon me if i'm wrong though! May just be interference!:)

My KEF's were delivered this morning and upon setting up I noticed straight away a crackling sound, checking it over I found the subwoofer lead from amp to woofer was sparking at the subwoofer end. I pulled the lead out just slightly so it wasn't touching the backing plate and hey presto the crackling & sparks disappeared.

That's great but what the hell are the sparks? it doesn't look good, but everything works fine.

Hope this helps

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