Problem with JVC AV-32R57SK Image Warping


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I have recently purchased a JVC AV-32R57SK TV - 32" Widescreen, 50Hz.

Whenever I use my PS2 (plugged in via an official Sony scart cable - not the standard lead that comes with the PS2), I get a warping / wobble / ripple on the right of the screen (not sure what the right term is!)

The same thing happens on portrait pictures when I plug my digital camera in and also on the blue sky banner that appears when you change channels or view program information.

It was a cheap TV (£399) but surely this should not happen?!?!?!?! Very, very annoying!!

No problem with stuff that fills the whole screen though i.e. DVD's or normal TV (although i noticed it happening on a program that was broadcast in 4:3 the other day).

Thanks in advance
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