Problem with HDMI Switch/ "Y" adapter


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Hi Everyone,

I'm having trouble trying to connect my output devices:

Xbox 360
Popcorn Hour Streamer

to my display devices:

Plasma Samsung PS58b850
DLP Projector Optoma HD700x

I purchased a 3 port hdmi autoswitcher (with override button) with 3 hdmi inputs and a single output, I also bought a "Y" adapter so I could plug it to the output port of the switcher and display video from my three video sources to either the projector or the plasma panel without plugging/unplugging things everytim...

For some reason it doesn't work... (all cables and devices are 1.3b compliant).

Is there any technical limitation on the hdmi standard that prevents this type of configuration from working? I wonder if there's attenuation or the switch/ "Y" adapter needs to be powered so the signal preserves its intensity.... Could someone knowlegdeable :lease: shed some light to why this is not working?... I wonder if I will be able to return this devices to the seller as they have been of no use so far.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.




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I am more surprised when people report any success at all using those passive Y splitters.

Cascading any HDMI devices can be prone to problems but the passive Y splitter you linked does not begin to meet the requirements that HDMI devices need to work properly with a splitter.

I'm sure one of our many helpful vendors will be along shortly to suggest equipment more likely to deliver what you need.

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Within the HDMI signal Bus you have video (with embedded audio), DDC, EDID and HDCP.

The HDMI Signal Bus provides a two way Communication channel between your Source and Sync (AV Amp, Display, Projector) and any intermediary devices (Switch, Splitter, Extender etc.) have to ensure all of the Comms. gets through - passive Splitter cables are one way to ensure all the Comms. stops working.

Some folk get away with these 'Y' cables - most don't.

Have you considered a multiple Output Switch or an Active 1x2 Distribution Amp cascaded with your current switch?


PS advise against the use of passive switch and distribution gear!!!

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Hopefully you will be able to return your products to the seller.

You would be better with an all-in-one type device such as this:
HDMI Switch Splitter 3x2 - INFINIUS

Switching and splitting a HDMI signal is a much more complicated task than most people would think.

You really need a powered device that can negotiate and process the HDMI signal reliably and effectively.

To do this, some decent electronics are required. Often the cheaper devices just do not have the capacity to function as reliably as we would all hope.

The old adage "but cheap, pay twice" does regularly apply to HDMI connectivity devices. You will find many similar issues being reported on here by other users of cheap products.
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Thank you all for the replies.

I hope I can return the goods to their sellers and get a refund...

I will certainly not make the same mistake again and fall for the cheapo ebay devices.... you spend thousands on equipment and then pennypinch on connections... I've should have known better by now. It is just that these switches seemed to work for a number of people and since the signal is 100% digital I assumed there would be no quality loss... the problem is they don't work at all, at least for me.

I'll probably get the infinius switch it is just what I need for my setup and it's not that expensive after all.

Thank you again.

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