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Problem with HDMI Switch/ "Y" adapter


Standard Member
Hi Everyone,

I'm having trouble trying to connect my output devices:

Xbox 360
Popcorn Hour Streamer

to my display devices:

Plasma Samsung PS58b850
DLP Projector Optoma HD700x

I purchased a 3 port hdmi autoswitcher (with override button) with 3 hdmi inputs and a single output, I also bought a "Y" adapter so I could plug it to the output port of the switcher and display video from my three video sources to either the projector or the plasma panel without plugging/unplugging things everytim...

For some reason it doesn't work... (all cables and devices are 1.3b compliant).

Is there any technical limitation on the hdmi standard that prevents this type of configuration from working? I wonder if there's attenuation or the switch/ "Y" adapter needs to be powered so the signal preserves its intensity.... Could someone knowlegdeable :lease: shed some light to why this is not working?... I wonder if I will be able to return this devices to the seller as they have been of no use so far.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.




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I'm afraid that when switching and splitting HDMI, it can get complicated and expensive. Those 'Y' splitters are simply not worth buying. If I was you, I would return both and go for a matrix splitter.


If you visit the cables forum you should will get a technical answer as to why they don't work for everyone. HDMI is a complex medium and buying cheap switchers/splitters usually results in failure.


Standard Member
Thanks for your reply and for the link to the matrix switcher, that's what I should have purchased in the first place. I've should have known better to not fall for the cheapo ebay devices, when it comes to cables and connections it is usually worth spending a bit more and buy quality stuff.

Thanks again.

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