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Hi I own a Harmony 1100 I have had it a few years now and have been happy with it up to this week then started to have problems. What has been happening is when I press the touch screen say TV nothing happens when I press that button. It does not happen all the time just sometimes so I took the battery out an then put it back into the remote sometime it brought it back to life and could use it then it would show the screen but the command buttons would not work also it would not go into standby either just keeps the command screen on so draining the battery. A other thing is my wife was watching TV went to turn up the volume up via the Harmony remote and volume kept going on up & up & up until I switched the TV off !!! I thought my B&W XT4 where going to blow up:suicide: Does anybody have any idea what is happening here. I don think it is the Battery that look fine and charges OK is it my Harmony has got a bit long in the tooth and need replacing or should I go onto the harmony site and give it a good Harmony update if they still do this model If I do have to buy a new remote I would like one that is panel touch screen and easy to program not one those remote which you need a lot of letters after your name to just to turn it on:eek::facepalm:Thanks PS I do have a Alexa Hub which my son is going to set up for me would that do the same job as my Harmony 1100 like the command "Turn on TV" and turns TV and Amp to the right input etc
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