Problem with graphical glitch in one game that continues into start up but no where else


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Hi there. Having a problem with my gaming system.

specs are:


Using an LG BX65 as the monitor

The issue only occurs in one game, insurgency sandstorm, and then corrects itself but can be seen again only on the start up screen straight after a restart (pics below)



removing the hdmi cable fixes this and it doesn’t happen on the desktop or in other games (only tried valheim and Tarkov so far)

updated graphics drivers and changed the hdmi port but it still happens, haven’t tried a different cable yet

changing the resolution on insurgency fixes it in the short term and changing to borderless windowed does as well but when loading the game up a second time after, it only displays at about a quarter of the screen size in the top left corner.

i really hope this isn’t a gpu issue. Any help would be great


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Sounds like the game may be using an odd set of timings not properly supported by the screen. What happens if you run it at 3840x2160?


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I reinstalled the game and it seems to have sorted it. Changed the bpc to 8 as someone mentioned that in a different post. Very strange that it continues into the start up screen only sometimes but not desktop or other games. I’m going to install a few other games and test them

I also ran furmark for two 30 minute stints and there were no artefacts.
I think Tarkov is more graphically demanding than insurgency so don’t understand why there would be a problem.

Should I run a benchmark for longer maybe just to stress the gpu a bit?

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