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Jul 17, 2000
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I have a problem with Future Ent.'s ordering system. I'd like to ask if anyone else is having the same problem.

Every Order I make I'm charged twice (seen on my credit card statement), and then I have to email them to get a refund. They have been Ok about the refunds luckily :) but it's very annoying. :mad:

I've asked for advise but they haven't replied.

The only thing I can think of is computer incompatibility. Is there anyone using an Apple mac and microsoft's internet explorer and not having this problem? I know dvdboxoffice used to have a problem with this computer/program combination.

I'm completly lost for any other ideas, I don't know whats going wrong.:confused: Does anyone have any ideas?

can only think that maybe when you click submit button to send order that it may 'time out' and then you press back button and send again. If not then I haven't got a clue. I use future every week and have never had the problem.
Use Netscape on Apple Mac NOT Microsoft...Javascript compatability problems or something...
Is your mouse click speed set very fast and 'maybe' it's a double click when you order? Just guessing out loud.
I wouldnt have a clue really either, I cant think of anything better than General Skanky. I personally would probably not even notice.....think you have just made me turn a new leaf to check my statement better!

Once your order is submitted Do not click on the back button! but use the link on the page that comes up, there is a explaination on the page, but it is not very noticable or clear.

Hope this helps.
There are millions of ways to program an online ordering system and you have to strip out lots of useful features to make them compatible with Netscape.
Not surprising that some companies have problems when they have a limited budget to develop their websites.
Problems using the back button is one symptom.
I know for a fact that the forums and all the other websites I create look horrendous in Netscape... at least 4.something installed on my machine...when it doesn't crash.
Negligable number of users, now, anyway.
I had this same thing happen to me when ordering from Futureent last week. (Win2k IE 5.?)

I had brought up the secure ordering page with the Futureent page left open in another window. Before submitting the order, I jumped back to the other window to check something. I then jumped back to the secure window and confirmed the order. When I looked at the original Futureent window, one of my order items (of which there were 2) had been added a 2nd time.

They were quick to cancel the dupe item but now I know not to go jumping between windows when I'm placing an order. I don't know if this is the same thing you did, but there's probably numerous ways to mess up their ordering system.
I think next time I order I'll use Brigadeer's suggestion of Netscape and see what happens on my statement.
After the first order I was very careful not to press the back buttons, jump around windows and follow always the on screen instructions. But the problem still persists. On the screen the order says that i'm only ordering 1 but I'm still charged twice, by the 2 entries on the statement for the same amount and same date from "personal imports"

I would check your statements carefully, you might be shocked at what you find :eek:

oh well, i'll see what happens next month on my statement.

Forgive me for my stupidity if im wong here, but if the item appears on your statement twice, should you not be receiving the dvd twice? If futureent were to bill me twice and only send one item, then proceed to blame my checking out, i think i would have a thing or two to say!

buns, thats the whole problem. for the last 3 months this has been going on. They have been giving me the refunds but they won't tell me whats wrong. A part of me believes that they don't care, they actually make some money out of it if you don't notice the problem.
I've ordered from them a few times and never had a problem, using OSX and IE5.
If you find that it is somehow down to IE try using Opera, where java is concerned this is much better.

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