Problem with dual screen set-up / dvi -> hdmi connection


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Hi all,

Recently bought a dvi->hdmi cable to extend my desktop to my samsung tv. Having a few issues troubleshooting it, so was hoping someone could please spare some time to give me a hand!

Sapphire HD4870
DVI -> DVI (dell s2409w 1920x1080 60hz)
DVI -> HDMI (samsung LE40D580)

- I plugged in the Tv and booted my pc. It posted, I saw the bios screen on my dell (not my tv), then it went blank. Windows has loaded, as I can hear activity if I type my password.

- I then unplug the tv with the PC on. The dell fires to life and works fine.

- So I checked the other DVI port with my dell monitor. It works.

- I booted the PC up with just the DVI -> HDMI cable. Displays on my tv fine.

- So I tried dual screen in safe mode - works perfectly.

Its worth noting that in the catalyst control centre I cannot get the PC to detect the tv at all. Occassionally if I have both connected, both screens are blank, and I disconnect one of the screens, my PC remains in dual screen mode and my dell displays desktop two (with no icons) - this also happens on reboot with just my dell connected in either of the dvi ports.

This makes it seem (in my very humble and reasonably ignorant opinion) like its a software issue, rather than hardware, as both cables work, both DVI ports seem to work, and dual screen works in safe mode - so I assume my gfx card is working fine (i effing hope so!).

I'm going to try and update CCC, but do people think I'm on the right track? Anything else I should be testing that might shed some light?

Thanks alot (in advance) - I'm pulling my hair out!!!!!


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