Problem with DMM mode on Loewe TVs


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I've recently bought a Loewe Aconda 9381ZW and overall I'm very happy with its picture quality (apart from the Moire problem, but that's another story).

One thing I have noticed which is a little concerning is that when using the DMM mode, there seems to a major problem. Whenever objects move quickly onscreen, or there is particular colours hard up against each other (i.e. a red object moving against a white background) there is noticeable "break-up" or shimmering around objects. Its almost like tearing of objects as thought the screen cant update the required information quickly enough.

Sudden camera movents also "stutter" rather than moving fluently like this mode is supposed to.

My question is, do I have a problem with my set? Or does this mode have inherent problems as I described?

I must admit I don't really like the "video like" look that DMM gives films anyway, but I have found it looks great for CGI films such as A Bug's Life and Tory Story. If possible I'd like to get it working correctly so that it actually does what its advertised to do without ugly artefacts.


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This is a standard effect of DMM mode and other similar processing modes by different manufacturer's. It is not afault with your TV. DMM just seems to cope better in some situations than others. I think it gives a horrible effect anyway and you would be recommended to stick with 100hz. Also, turn DNR off if you have a good quality digital source rather than analogue.


ps. emailed about your other Loewe problems.


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Thanks again Groundy. Thought that might be the case.

I agree that DMM looks terrible (for anything other than CGI animations anyway) so I'm not really phased. I do like DMI for general DVD viewing though.

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