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Problem with display on AE200 - Powerstrip ?

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Tempest, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Tempest

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    Jan 11, 2002
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    Horley, Surrey
    I have a weird problem.

    Radeon 9600 (non pro)

    It WAS running ok, with my 1600x1200 on 1 screen and 856x480 (I think) 1:1 pannie setting on 2 screen.

    The way I found to run was to have my PC monitor as primary display. But when wanted to play a DVD via projector I selected that display as primary and played the film, the software DVD players much preferrering to play on the primary device.

    I had the res set via powerstrip (settings common knowledge on here)

    However. ATI has just released new Catalyst drivers, so I downloaded them, uninstalled my older drivers and re-installed the new ones and tried to get the same thing working again.

    Only prob I have is, I can't seem to get the correct display on the pannie projector anymore.

    I'm a bit confused as there are now 3 places to set screen res.
    I have windows display properties, ATI control panel, and Powerstrip.
    According to powerstrip I am running exactly the right mode on my secondary pannie screen, but for some weird reason, on the projection screen I have a 4" black area along the top and the left of the screen.
    Also if I move the mouse to the edge of the pannie screen the smaller projected desktop scrolls, as though it's much bigger than's being displayed but scrolls around.

    Very odd.

    I'm not sure about setting the MAX res on the pannie and the MAX refresh rate, as opposed to the res and refresh I want.

    I'm wondering if I need to take powerstrip OUT and reinstall that too.

    Any ideas why I'm having probs, and what overides what ?

    Does powerstrip overide everything else on the system ?

    I'm wondering if the 3 different settings areas are clashing.

    I'd be interested in the settings others have got.

    BTW: I have my CRT monitor connected to the DVI output via a DVI to VGA adaptor and the Pannie connected to the normal VGA monitor out.
  2. greenmachine

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    Jan 14, 2004
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    I had the exact same problem as you but i changed my primary monitor to the panny and everything worked. Its got to do with the extending your desktop onto the 2 monitors . If the smaller panny is the second monitor then you have to scroll around the screen to see all of it but if you have the other higher res display as your second display the wallpaper will not fill it but you can use it as a higher res for apps that require a larger screen area.

    Hope that wasnt to confusing.

    Incidentaly do you have a setting for wide 720 on your panny and if you do youd you post it here for me as the wide 480 is the only decent image I can get of my panny.

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