problem with connecting set top box to dvd

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    I was hoping someone could straighten out something that is probably very straight forward, but has become a bit of a bugbear with me.

    I recently purchased an Onkyo TX-SR602 receiver, together with an
    Hitachi plasma, a Panasonic DVD/VCR recorder (DMR-E75V), and a digital set
    top box (Hotchip ODT-4000 HD.) My aim is to set up the system so the receiver acts as the control centre. The receiver comes with plenty of component and composite inputs.. as well as optical and coaxial inputs... so this part of the stup isn't a problem. The problem is this:

    How do I best connect the set top box and dvd/vcr recorder so that I can both record and view the BEST possible signal? (To assist your feedback, I have attached diagrams of the back panel of the set top box and the front and back panels for the dvd/vcr recorder at another page on this site:


    Peter Cassidy, Melbourne, Australia

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