Problem with component output



Hi, I just bought an xbox 360 pro along with a bunch of games (hurray for cheap games!). I have some problems with the component connection though. The image just flickers on and of, barely making the menu visible. With HDMI everything is perfect, but that means I can't get optical sound out via the HD AV cable, meaning my crappy Samsung R71 speakers have to do the job for now. I have set the switch on the HD cable correctly, and I know the component input on my tv works (have used it with a Wii and my DVD player).

So, what gives? Do I have a faulty component output?

In a couple of days I will get a new A/V receiver, which handles HDMI (4 inputs, yay) with sound, so it won't be a problem. It just annoys me if something is wrong with the console. Do you think it could be a problem with signal noise? I have an awful lot of stuff connected.

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