Problem with Colored Vertical Bars



I have a Mitsubishi X120 (Actually a Telex Firefly P1000, but it's the same thing I understand) that has a mess of vertical colored bars on the screen.

This doesn't appear to be the same thing as vertical banding. These are marked bars of varying width. The bars appear even when there is no video input and in all test screens.

The bars do not reverse when the image is reversed.

The bars change colors depending on the background colour. They appear to be red on a black background, magenta on a blue background, yellow on a light green background, and white on a cyan background.

My guess (and fear) is that the red LCD, if there are separate LCDs has stuck on pixels. I am hoping this is not the case, and I'd like to fully diagnose the problem before taking any action (like buying a replacement)..

Does anyone have any ideas? If its an electronically solvable problem, does anyone know how I can crack into the service menu? Or a direction in which I can proceed? I need to troubleshoot before I can repair....


Guest's not a low level stuck pixel. The bars, while quite numerous, *change position*, number, thickness, etc, every time I power up the projector differently. Again, the lines do not reverse whenever I switch the image. It must be fairly low level, but the red LCD is not broken. What could cause these bars to happen in different places upon startup?

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