Problem with BK XLS200


P.S: I've installed REW on my PC yesterday and used its "Room Simulation" to figure out whether having two subs would make a noticeable difference for the better.
Unless I'm not using it properly, based on where I could put the subs and my room dimensions there wouldn't be that much of an improvement.
Make sure you check the box to align subs individually, as well as to time align speakers and subs.


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Square rooms are ideal for bass afaik


Not quite. You only have one sub in that picture, add a second by checking the box for sub2 and placing it either where your current sub is or where you can put a second.

The check the box you have highlighted "align subs individually".

The "align speakers and subs" box allows REW to change the timing of the sub to get the best integration with the mains. If you have multiple subs and don't check the "align subs individually" box it'll treat the subs as all being timed the same, but interacting at the listening position based on their distance (with 0 delay). If you check the "align subs individually" box (which you should do if your AVR will time align your subs on each output) then you're allowing REW to adjust the timing of each sub independently to give the best alignment with the mains.

There's no need to check that box if you only have one sub. You can check it but it won't make any difference as there's no second response to align to.

You can also play with the delays on each sub yourself and see the difference it makes. It's often possible to get a better response than the prediction. The prediction just aligns phase at the listening position, changing the delays can produce a less aligned but smoother response.


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Went to visit BK this morning, after having talked to Tom on Monday.
He changed a few capacitors and a resistor, both to sort the problem and because some were showing signs of wear (it transpired the sub is almost 18 years old ) and everything is now hunky-dory.
I think I'm going to keep the XLS200 for a while longer, as it's not scared of Aquaman anymore. :)

Very please overall, Tom being very friendly and the bill only coming to £39.95.

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