Problem with AV receiver and an iPod AV cable



As the title says really.

I recently bought a cheap cable off of eBay to connect my iPod to my AV receiver and thus the speakers. The cable is a video RCA connection - red & white audio and yellow video. It works great when I plug it directly into my display via the AV inputs - video and sound. However, when I plug it into my AV reciever I only get the sound - no video.

I'm connecting it to the V-AUX input of the amp if that's a problem - I'm not sure...maybe? My amp is connected to the TV using component cable, if that's a problem I don't know either.

So my connection is:

Ipod ---> RCA Video Cable ---> Amp ---> Component video cable ---> TV



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My guess would be that your amp wont convert "video" (yellow cable from iPod, also known as "composite video" or "CVBS) to the component signal that's connected from your amp to your monitor. And so, there is no through route from the amp's (composite) video input, to the (component) video output you are using.

If so, you will need to place a composite video cable between the amp and TV, and set the TV to this input......

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