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Problem with audio output from tv to surround sound system

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by PC cdrom, May 31, 2005.

  1. PC cdrom

    PC cdrom
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    May 30, 2005
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    Hello I need some advice/help please. I have just donated my old surround set to my son and seem to have connected everything the way I had it but a problem persists. The kit consists of Pacific PTV 55-201 nicam tv, Acoustic solutions DS 533 surround set, Acoustic solutions 651 DVD player, Scneider SVC 217 vcr, and an Echostar T101FTA freeveiw box. The lot is connected by full 21 pin scarts as follows: set top box scart 1 to tv AV1, set top box scart 2 to VCR input 1, dvd player scart to tv AV2, DVD coaxial output to Surround amp coaxial, TV rear av out via red and white rca plugs to aux input on surround sound amp input,and the rf ariel to set top box and then vcr to tv. Now the problem I have is that although the dvd player will output sound from the amp and the terrestrial tv channel sound will output from the amp via the aux input, I cannot get the freeview channels to output the sound through the amp, only through the tv speakers. Any ideas as to the possible cause. It has caused me no end of messing about and any ideas would be appreciated

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