Problem with Audio Distortion with Rotel Amp


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Hi All,

I am new to this forum and I have a technical question that someone may be able to help me with. I have always preferred to use Hifi separates and currently have a combination of Rega, Cambridge Audio, Technics and NAD equipment. I have set up my own bits of kit for many years now and can cope with some technical elements, however, I am not electronically minded and when I come across a problem I’m stumped and unable to do anything.

I recently decided to build a second set of separates for use in another room in the house and started to buy some components (amp, tuner and dual tape deck - so far). Although a little dusty (and smokey!!) they appeared to be OK and I was told they were functioning OK. However, I couldn’t test them at the time as there weren’t any speakers handy. So I put them in the car and took them home.

Anyway, after a bit of cleaning up and connecting everything up to a set of speakers there appears to be a problem with the Amp. The amp in question is a Rotel RA971 Mk2 and has loads of useful inputs/outputs and the option of 2 speaker connectors (direct and remote). It looked to be a really good amp. On first checking, there appeared to be some distortion as the volume was increased. After swapping the speakers around and testing all the connectors the distortion seems to be on the left channel on both the speaker connection options. That is as far as my knowledge can take me, so can any anyone offer any suggestions?

Is this a component failure somewhere? Is a costly repair needed? Would I be better off cutting my losses and passing it on to someone more electronically capable?

Any comments would be appreciated

Cheers – Nomad9

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