Problem with Asus A9800XT graphics card


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I have emailed Asus of the problem, but got no reply yet, so I wondered if anyone here might know the answer.

I have the Asus A9800XT graphics card based on the ATI Radeon 9800 XT. My motherboard is the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe.

The problem is that Smart Doctor (the performance-monitoring software which came with my VGA card) keeps reporting that there is a fault with one of the VGA card's fans and the fan needs to be replaced. However, when I check the card, both fans are spinning fine. Sometimes, Smart Doctor says there is not enough voltage coming from the motherboard for the VGA to function properly.

If I leave Smart Doctor running for too long (a couple of minutes even), my computer crashes and I need to reboot. If I shutdown Smart Doctor, my system doesn't crash but then I don't have the Smart Doctor to control and protect the card's temperature, fan-speeds, etc.

How do I fix the problem? Is there a way I can increase the voltage (through the motherboard BIOS) going to my VGA card, if low voltage-setting is the problem? What voltage do I need going through the AGP socket for the VGA card to function reliably? Or does anyone know of a recommended setting on Smart Doctor that can fix the problem?



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Ignore Smart Doctor by the sounds of it :)

If you have plugged your PSU directly into the card (as is the case with 9800s) then you should have no problems.

If you can play a game for quite a while with no crashes then I would say you have no problems and the monitoring software is having problems with your hardware configuration.

TBH I have not really been impressed by any monitoring software as it is usually wrong anyway.


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Yeah, my 9800XT card is connected to the PSU using a molex (4-pin HD power connector). That's what get the fans spinning.

I thought it would be good to get the Smart Doctor to get working, because it automatically slows down the noisy fans when they're not needed. You can also overclock the card using that software. I haven't heard from other people having the same problem. But it keeps causing my PC to crash with a black screen. :(


any one know of any free generic gfx monitoring software via windows, i have 9800 pro and would like to have a look at whats going on, but the bundled s/w with it for monitoring is pretty pants...

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