problem with ARC, Sony XF9005, and Yamaha RX-V673


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ok got a Yamaha RX-V673 which ive discovered even though it was supposed to have 4K compatibility dosent due to HDCP 2.2.

anyway so i decided to use ARC, setup TV and Receiver got everything working sweet. then i tried a DTS soundtrack played from my HTPC. all was well until a section of the movie where all of a sudden the receiver just turned off. so turned back on found same place in film and same problem. so tried other parts and at certain parts of the movie it turns the receiver off. ive turned off standby sync on the yamaha still does it.

what gives? im thinking of trying an optical cable tomorrow to see if that stops it.

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Normally if a receiver shuts down, it is due to protection mode, to prevent it overheating.

Is that a particularly loud part of the film, where the amps on the AVR may be stressed?

Rather than use ARC, can you run two outputs from the graphics card on your HTPC, one for audio to the amp and one for video to your TV?


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I’ll have a look, I hadn’t thought about trying that. Will have to see if my 1650 has 2 hdmi’s.

yes it seems like protection as one point it does it is when the mine cart drops on smaug. Though another is in the end music which isn’t that loud. Plus I’ve got it turned down quite low.

if I haven’t got 2 hdmi’s I’ll try optical from either the PC if it’s got it or the TV which does.


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ok solved. wasnt looking at the amp display when turning it back on. seems one of the speaker cables was loose or not connecting properly.

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