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Problem with analogue sound when using DVI to HDMI cable

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by rnjmorris, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. rnjmorris


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    [I have already posted this message in the "Entertainment PCs & Computer hardware" forum but it seemed just as appropriate here, my apologies if that's a problem. Moderator please delete if necessary?]

    Hi again everyone,

    I recently posted here:


    and thanks to the very helpful responses have now invested in a DVI to HDMI cable, running from my ASUS Nvidia N6600GT video card to the HDMI port on our JVC LT-26S60B LCD TV. However, I've run into a small problem and no amount of searching has led me any closer to a solution (or, indeed, anyone else who has experienced the same thing).

    In a nutshell, when I've connected the PC to the TV via the DVI to HDMI cable I need to set the TV's HDMI audio setting to "Analogue" (or "Auto", it has three settings..."Digital", "Analogue" and "Auto") in order to get sound through another cable which I connect separately. This works fine and I'm able to both view and hear video files played from the computer, BUT, as soon as I change the aforementioned setting to Analogue, I get a repeated, very short (fraction of a second) burst of static from the speakers every one and a half seconds. It's not loud enough to interfere with most of the video files I watch although it is audible during quiet sections. To give a better idea of what it actually sounds like, with the TV's volume setting on about half way it sounds very like an old fashioned mantelpiece clock in the same room. Changing the setting to "Digital" stops this immediately but I am, of course, then left without any sound as none is carried on the DVI to HDMI cable.

    After a lot of experimentation I've noticed the following:

    1. The sound is not related to anything carried on the analogue audio cables (red and white connectors connected to ext-4 on the TV). It is present even when they are disconnected.

    2. The sound does appear, in some way, to be related to the resolution I set the graphics card to. At higher resolutions the sound is slightly higher in pitch. If I reboot the computer and view/listen to the output on the TV the sound stops momentarily (or becomes a continuous hiss) as the screen changes from the initial loading screen (with BIOS info) to the Windows 2000 loading screen to the Windows login screen. However, I've used a number of different resolutions with what I believe are the appropriate refresh rates but nothing stop the sound.

    3. When connecting via S-Video this problem is not present.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone, or does anyone have a theory as to what might be causing it? If possible I'd like to try and establish if any of the components involved (i.e. video card, cable, TV) are faulty in any respect as they're all under guarantee.

    Many thanks in advance for any thoughts!

    Kind regards,


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