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Problem With Amp


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hi ppl

i had a yamaha RX-SL100RDS amp which after4 years or so stopped working, it had always been in a cupboard with a galss shelf above and got very hot, initially it switched itself off when got very hot so if you opened the door ro left it a bit it came back on fine, eventually i moved the glass shelf above and this helped with keeping a little bit cooler, however the damage must have already been done and a few months after the set stopped working, you would switch it on and after 1 sec it just switched itself off, some kind of self safety switch me off i'm not working kinda thing.

anyway rather than have it repaired i managed to pick up an ex demo from the shop for £100, cheaper than a repair poss so gave this a go, obv not knowing how much this has been on the shop for etc over the years, maybe some, maybe none, maybe all! anyway this one now after only a few months has gone the same way, worked fine uptil last night, it had never switched itself off before , thought did get a little hot on top, but this morning when trying to switch on it just lights up, then cuts itself off. so, any ideas why they both do this, what could be wrong, and expensive to repair or not? its a small compact amp which fits the dupboard depth perfect.


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
Obviously the cupboard is overheating the amp!! Surprised other kit you might have in there hasn't also failed


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the first one lasted 4 years with a glass shelf only 4 inches above so this kinda trapped the hot air and yes prob did lead to breaking it, however i took this shelf away and now there is 3 feet empty space above whcih makes big diff to the heat being trapped if not eliminated totally, so the new one i dont think can be blamed on the cupboard, this one seemed to get hot right away, mayb its been on all day every day for 4 years in the showroom. its a built in cupboard in the wall so dont want anything out on display in an open unit, i'm sure the space above is adequate to stop over heating though the doors are closed all the time.

i had an xbox 3 red ring carry on which at the time would have been next to amp with shelf close above, this might helped the xbox pack up but now the xbox is on bottom shelf an its cold under the void in floor so it keeps xbox coolish.

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