Problem with 5.1 speakers/PC


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I'm having some very weird issues with my speakers. Music plays fine, but when I play a film I can't hear any speech from it. All that plays is the background noises in the film. I've tried a number of different players (VLC, media player classic and windows media player, but have the same problem with all).
I have managed to find a short term fix for this, which is to change the speakers settings to only 2 speakers instead of the full 6. Magically I can then hear the speech. Has anyone come across this problem before? Any help appreciated.


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have you used the control panel plugin provided by the hardware provider, sometimes this needs to be configured for 5.1 digital output to work correctly. Who makes your sound hardware?



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Sounds like your pc is decoding 5.1 but your centre speaker is either not configured correctly or not connected right?


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Click Start and type Sound, then pick it from the list that pops up above it.

You will likely have 2 Playback devices listed. One if for digital output (ie: SPDIF/Toslink) and the other is for ordinary analogue PC speakers.

Right-click the analogue playback device one and choose configure Speakers. Choose 5.1 Surround and press test. If you get no sound from your centre speaker you will likely have connected it to the wrong output on the back of the computer. If you do get sound press next and then finish.
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