Problem with 32pw9523



I have had a 32pw9523c for 4 years
Now, the tv has started to switch itself to standby and the power-indicator on the front starts to flash Red

Any ideas??

I have 2 satellite decoders and a philips VHS video connected (and I live near government buildings!!!)

All advice greatfully received - even conspiracy theories!!



Did you ever resolve the problem with your 32PW9523. I have the same model and it seems to have the same symtoms, 4 years old as well.

When it is switched on the front led flashes red and the TV won't respond to anything, however, occassionally the led will go green when turned on and the TV will work.

Stephen McCay


Just about four years old (makes you wonder doesn`t it?! :cool: )

I found that by not turning the T.V. off overnight the problem was reduced - however doesn`t always help - it has done the same this morning - can sometimes be a couple of days before it decides to play ball again!

It has been doing this for about a month now and so I have finally given up and ordered a new tv.

I am going to use the plasma on my PC as a secondary screen (on the occasions that it decides to work! - :)) - hopefully the VGA PC feed will be more reliable - you never know.

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