Problem with 1080 resolution from PC to ax200

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by sampwalters, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    Thx in advance for any help. So, this isn't a huge deal--maybe--but here's my sitch. I have my PC connected to my ax200 via HDMI. (I have an 8800gt graphics card, with a DVI to HDMI adapter, and I used to run an image to my TV just fine this way.) When I want the ax200 to display my PC, I set it as the sole display--just to ensure there are no resolution conflicts between my regular monitor and the projector--and the PC detects the Panny as having a 1900x1080 resolution (and I think automatically adjusts the PC resolution). So far so good. However, when the display comes up from the ax200, the very top of the screen image flickers on and off every 5 seconds or so. As well, when I'm watching video a horizontal line frequently cuts across the picture that causes a "step" in the image.

    Now, all of this clears up when I manually set the resolution on my PC to 1280x720--hence maybe it's not a huge deal--and I understand that is the ax200's native resolution. But manually changing the resolution back and forth every time is kind of a pain and I wonder what will happen if I ever get a Blu-Ray player that's sending a 1080p signal. (I don't have the money to buy one now and test this, unfortunately.)

    Thoughts, solutions?

    As a side question, if the only solution is manually setting the resolution on my PC to 1280x720, if I want to play a 1080 video file from my PC, does it matter in terms of image quality whether the downscaling to 720 happens on the PC or on the ax200? (Lower res video and images look identical--as far as I can tell--when I switch the resolution on the PC; all that changes is the size of my icons, and the disappearance of the flashing and video "stepping.")


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