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Jul 22, 2005
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My mum who is partially sighted and deaf has a problem. She can see the telly not bad from where she sits but she can't read subtitles, so its a nuisance. I was letting her listen to my walkman today through headphones and she heard the music perfectly. I had an idea go and buy her a set of wireless headphones for the telly. She has an amplifier thing that she got from the occupational services but it is of no use. My dad however, who is a bit deaf but has perfect sight watches the telly with subtitles. I went to Comet today and the man sold me two sets of wireless headphones which he says will work for both of them. Having come home, I am dubious. I am going to their house to try them but I don't think they will both work. If they don't can I get headphones that will work for both of them of the one transmitter?. My mum doesn't watch a lot of telly so my dad doesn't mind using them when he has to. Asking advice in advance, I may be wrong but I don't think so. I will let you know what happens.
not having a set myself, i have heard it gets complicated when u have more than one set of wireless headphones, sorry i couldn't help more than that.
Well set them up and they worked brilliantly. However, my mum being the vain woman that she is at 77 years of age does not like these big contraptions as she calls them on her head, she would have liked a pair that were small and went in her ears. So back to the shop they went. I am now looking for a pair that goes in her ears although I don't think I will be able to get wireless. As she only really watches two soaps, Coronation Street and Emmerdale, my dad said he would watch these programmes in another room. So I am away to "Google" and see what I can find.
Hello E Thomson,

look for infrared wireless headphones, they are small(er) and aimed to the hearing impaired. The big companies like Sennheiser and AKG have some models.

The advantage by infrared: the noise is practically inexistent.
The disadvantage: you need sight contact with the transmitter.

I hope this helps.


Hi have had a look but it is difficult to find in ear phones for the TV. My mum was give an induction loop system by the ocupational therapist that came to see her but as it has no connection to the tv it amplifies all the sounds around her, hence back to square one. Someone from the low vision clinic is coming to see her soon so maybe we can think of something else. You see she has recently been registered partially sighted so cannot see the subtitles and as she is very deaf cannot hear the telly. Where she sits she can see the screen well but cannot hear the conversation. What a shame, it must really be frustrating for her. I thought all I would have to do is go and buy a pair of in ear phones and voila, but they all seem to be for portable devices. Thanks for the help.
You could try the AKG 216 AFC - wireless for the hearing impaired, so it boosts speech frequencies. you can charge and run 2 sets off one transmitter, and they're dead easy to use because they auto turn on when worn and auto tune (so no fiddly bits for older folks).

No idea where stocks em, suggest gogle. PM me if you get stuck, however.

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