Problem viewing digital movie clips downloaded onto cd


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I downloaded all my pictures including movie clips from the hard disc to cd, and deleted them from the hard disc. I now cannot play the movie clips - they just appear as still photos. Does anyone know if I can retrieve them in the correct form please? I'd really appreciate any help.


Hi there,

How are you trying to view the movies, how did you copy them to CD in the first place?

If your using XP then trying right clicking on of the movies then select open with, you should have the option to choose media player, quicktime or similer if installed.

If this fails then try googling for a program call VLC, this seems to support any video file format you throw at it.


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Also may be worth checking your recycle bin before doing anything else to undelete them. If they are not in the recycle bin then you can download undelete programs that go that one step further.

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