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    I recently recorded a programme on my DMRE85. I used the "partial erase" function to remove most of the extraneous material at the ends of the program, but was careful to leave the end of the programme announcer's intro (two words worth) in place at the beginning. Following the intro there is about a half seconds worth of "nothing", then the program starts.

    I dubbed (high-speed) the program onto a DVD-RAM, then read the contents onto the hard disk of my PC. If I play the VRO file in PowerDVD I see the edited programme exactly as I left it in the DMRE85. I have problems, however, when I load the prog into DVD Author.

    Firstly, when I "add DVD video" and look in the "chapter edit" screen, I see that the first GOP has been removed. This means that the remnants of the intro are missing and the first I-frame starts midway through the half-second blank. Not a problem I thought, as none of the actual programme is missing. However, when I author the DVD, yet another GOP is removed, and the first three words of dialogue in the prog are missing. This is very annoying. :mad:

    As the missing information appears to be in the VRO file, I have tried to proceed via another authoring route. However, I have got nowhere. If the file is renamed as an MPG, DVD Author refuses to load it in "add file", saying the MPEG is invalid. TMPGENC Plus and Express refuse to demux the video stream, saying it is invalid (although the AC3 audio stream is demuxed successfully). VOBEdit appears to demux the video, but the resulting m2v file is not accepted by any program I have tried, including TMPGENC Plus.

    Can anybody sugest how I can get my missing three words back in my authored DVD? :lease:

    I think that what is needed for problems like this is an IFOEdit/VOBEdit for VR formats.


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