Problem: Unable to add media to MCE


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Recently built myself HTPC, works a dream with one exception though. I remember when I initially ran MCE setup, that it asked me to point it to my folder containing "Video", I did this (in my case, D:\Video) but MCE reported folder contains no content (even though there are about 30 movies in that folder) At the time I assumed I was maybe missing a Codec or something, however, I have since installed my usual Codecs bundle and now find I am unable to make Media Centre re-scan for content.

I have checked several FAQS and Microsoft Site and the forums, but can't seem to find any specific info.

MCE help file says to:
1. Press green Start button on remote
2. Select "Video"
3. Press "More Info"
4. Select "Add video"

I can get to step 3 ok but I only have 2 options available on screen (Add video is not one of them) 1. Settings (which only takes me to general settings) and 2. Messenger (pointless)

So, my question is, can I edit the menu options in MCE in any way to enable the "add video" option, or is there and alternative way to forece MCE to scan for new content?

I know there is an option to re-run MCE setup, but I am relcutant to do this as my MCE machine is not connected to the net and it was a pain in the butt temporarily connecting it to the Net (in the office) so I could dload the freeview guide online, I don't want to have to do this again if possible.

Any help appreciated.


P.S. For anyone interested, this was my first HTPC build and it is working great, Dual freeview card makes recording (up to two simultaneous channels) easy and the MCE interface and remote control work amazingly well. Been running the system around ten days so far and no glitches or problems whatsoever....just need to add some video content now.

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Hi Dave,
Are you going into the 'My Videos' or staying on the start menu?
You need to go into My Videos, then press the info button, then you should get the option to add/remove folders...


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Tried again to make sure but I def only get those two options. I've decided to run setup again to see if that sorts it.

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