Problem transferring pictures


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My wife has some pictures on her apple ipad and wants to transfer them to her laptop the OS is Windows 8.1 but we are having trouble as seem unable to work out how to transfer them can someone on here advise us.Thanks


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There's various methods. Connect up using USB cable, authorise the PC and then open the Photos app on the PC and navigate to the Ipad storage. This will allow access to the photos and will organise them in date order.


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My wife has now transferred all bar five pictures to her picture folder.The other five for some reason will not move.I thought about emailing them to herself but not sure what to do next.I read something about right clicking on save as but save as does not appear and also thought about copy and paste but copy also does not appear when right clicking.Any ideas appreciated


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1. Transferred them how and to picture folder where?

2. What is she using to view the photo's?

3. Usually photos that will not move are somehow corrupted?

Yes she should be able to email them.

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