Problem: Toshiba 32AV504DB backlight bleed?


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Ohh flippin eck, the set isn't even a month old yet! :rolleyes:

I just took a couple of pictures (not great either) to illustrate my problem. Im not sure if it is backlight bleed but light is coming from somewhere lol, it's worse than the picture shows and was only mainly visible during pitch black screens. The picture of the bottom left of the screen has got to the point now where it you can see it all the time apart from white screens.

Im ringing Bennetts tomorrow to see what can be done but i think im in for a wait as their site says they are out of stock.

Am i kicking up a fuss about nothing or should i get a refund etc?



Many thanks for your replies.


i aint a expert, but if it winds you up, demand a replacment. i had a tosh 37xv with dead pixels and some light bleed and sent it back. the next one i got had no dead pixels and some light bleed in the corners.

at the moment i am 50/50 on send this one back, do i risk another try, might get one with dead pixels (worst) and/or more light bleed lol.

i think what you find it most lcds have light bleed to some extent due to the the back lighting system used. panels are graded on production some are perfect or near perfect (no dead pixels, no light bleed) etc.

i would recomend you check the same model in shop or other at another shop to find out if your one is the norm or worst, then decide to swap it etc. chaz


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Sounds like a good idea, i didn't see anything like this on the display model at the store but then i wasn't looking for this kind of problem.



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Just a quick note to say that i got an exchange yesterday, the customer service staff at Bennetts were a bit hesitant at first but after a little persuasion they agreed.

So far the new set has not even shown any light at the bottom like the old set did (touch wood never will).


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What are your initial thoughts on this set? Is there a review anywhere? I seen the set on ebuyer for £379 and thought it was good value so I would appreciate your comments.


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It's a fantastic set, very underestimated. Screen is vibrant, SD quality is superb, HD quality more so. I play my xbox360 through it and don't see any noticeable lag or blur, the only downsides i can see is the sound, it's very crisp with good bass but it sounds fairly mono, no left or right definition and the limited ports at the rear, 2xSCART, 2x HDMI, 1x HD AV, 1x AV. No VGA etc.

I paid £399 about a month ago and for that price it's well worth it.

I've not seen any reviews on this site but there are a few online, there is also some settings on this site for picture quality, it makes a huge difference.

If you do buy this set and need the settings but cannot find them just send me a PM, i have them on my PC.


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Hi cokker, a bit of a thread revival but my dads 32AV504 tv after about 6 months of use had just started to show signs of backlight bleeding, bottom corners were getting quite cloudy. I believe from the day we bought it it had a slight backlight issue as viewing angles were extremely poor.
SD picture quality and colours were actually pretty great! on par with my bravia and a little better than my brothers philips 32".
We got ours from ebuyer at the price SDMDAM mentioned.
Toshiba replaced the set within a couple of days and the replacement set has a much better viewing angle with no bl bleeding :thumbsup:
I found toshiba direct customer support on 08704424424 to be the best help.

cokker hows your replacement going? my dad has it in his head the replacement set will go the same way, but I believe it uses a revised panel as the bl is significantly better.

Cheers :)


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Sorry about the late reply, the new set is coming on great, no noticable problems. Just had a letter through the post telling me the 1yr warrenty is now over, trouble is i can't afford any kind of service plan :(

I'm hoping the hugs and kisses will make the telly last longer lmao!

I found with the backlight bleed turning down the "Backlight" to 30-40 and turning the "Brightness" to 60-70 gave a much better picture with no bleeding.

Glad you're enjoying the new telly, I'm still loving mine but i keep thinking a VGA port could have been handy.

I'll post the settings here, not sure why i said to PM before, must have been feeling tight lol.

Backlight: 60, (or 30 when adjusted with Brightness*, if you're having backlight bleed issues)
Contrast: 42
Brightness: 56, (*70, for backlight bleed)
Colour: 36
Tint: 0
Sharpness: -30 (or -15 depending on sitting distance)
Black stretch: off
MPEG NR: low (or off)
DNR: Auto (or off)
Colour temp: cool


BLUE > -1 -2 -1
YELLOW > +2 -2 -3
MAGENTA>-6 -3 -2


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