Problem that I just can't work out!


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About 5 days ago I noticed that Messenger could not connect. Then I noticed that my Vista and XP PC's couldn't update.

Since then clicking on Google links has been very strange. Click on an Amazon Google link and it loads fine. Click on an AV Forums link on Google and the site takes forever to load. Click on a Google link for Hotmail and it doesn't even connect.

I've performed a recovery on both PC's, uninstalled Virus software, and updated my Netgear Wireless Router to the latest firmware but I'm getting the same results on all the PC's. Some site's I can connect to easy, some are slow to load, and some, like hotmail, won't load at all.

Any ideas? Could this be an ISP thing? I'm with Eclipse. :confused:

PS I'm going to try out a different modem later and I have tried other search engines.


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If they're all doing it then it sounds unlikely it's a PC issue, I'd check your router (perhaps reboot it) and see if your ISP's website lists any ongoing maintainence work.


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Even my PS3 won't connect to Microsoft websites.

I would check with my ISP. Ironic thing is that their website is one of the ones that won't load! :rolleyes:


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What happens if you type the ip address of the site rather than the URL?

You could try this which is the login page for Windows live to see if it loads from the URL, if it doesn't then try it typing in and see if that gets to to the login page.

If that works then you may have a DNS server problem.


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Tried those sites. They didn't work. Odd thing was that I rebooted the router and for a while it did work. I then unplugged it, plugged it back in and now I'm back to square one. I've tried rebooting it again but to no avail.

I can't access Hotmail, Messenger, nor Windows Update. Real pain. :mad:


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Fixed it!

Under WAN setttings on the router you have to change MTU to 1400. It worked as soon as I did that.

How bizarre! :confused:


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I searched the internet like a madman for hours. Eventually searching for "hotmail and windows messenger not accesible" found this tip. It actually works fine on 1436. Apparantly the MTU setting shouldn't be too low. :confused:


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lol glad u fixed it i was gonna suggest a wrong time and date setup on your pc.....but its all sweet now .

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