Problem! Sub/Amp/cable??



I am having issues and dont know which part of my system is causing the problem??

I have an AE sub connected to a Pioneer 2011 amp with a single ixos sub cable from the amp to an ixos splitter into the line in L&R of the sub.

Recently I have started getting a really loud electrical type hum from the sub.

I have disconnected the cable and the hum goes straight away. Have tried a different cable (only had a standard phono type cable and dont really know if this will work at all or if I am supposed to use that type of cable??!!) and the hum went away but now the sub doesnt seem to work properly. Slight rumble coming from it when I go into the setup mode but very very distant and little or nothing coming from it on films.

So anyone care to have a stab at where the problem lies?



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Although your receiver will probably be set to sort out all the bass crossovers, and probably to 80Hz seeing as its thx, try turning on the crossover in your sub to the maximum allowed. I have a Pioneer 1011 with a Monolith and if I turn off the subs crossover the sub starts humming, so I leave the crossover set to 120hz on the sub and 80hz on the receiver.

Hope this helps.

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